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John and Liz Bradley, author and publishers of:- The Racing Motorcycle - A Technical Guide for Constructors
  Volume 3 - Introduction to Chassis set up
For more details of Volume 3: An introduction to chassis set up, click here To purchase a copy, phone 01684 833525 (24hr answerphone) or email sales@broadlandleisure.com.
Volumes 1 & 2
Available now 
As you probably know, Volumes 1 & 2 have not been in print for a while.  After 20 years of constant supply, our printers went bust and when the receivers moved in the printing plates were destroyed by mistake!  As a result, prices of those which are already out there have risen to a ridiculous level. The original files from years ago present problems with conversion to current format and we have not had time to do the work while also doing volume 3.  Now volume 3 is available, we hope to find the time to regenerate the first two volumes and print a limited number of copies. Currently we have no new stock of volume 1 or volume 2.  However we have some copies of volume 1 which are new, but with a binding error such that about 6 pages are missing.  If you would like one of these, together with a photocopy of the missing pages, then please call us on 01684 833525.   UK orders only, price £20 + £5 postage.