Buyers’   Comments Extracts from emails we have received from customers (Volume 3) “Received the book today.  What a marvel!  Thank you for putting so much into it.  I appreciate it.” “It’s superb!  What a brilliant piece of work, and a star studded list of acknowledgements.  I can’t see myself getting much paid work done today.” “I just want to say that I am truly enjoying the book.  I feel like it was written directly to me.  Thank you for what you do.” “Although I am only about halfway through the book, I am once again in awe at how well Volume III is written and illustrated.” “The book is fantastic, and resides on the shelf next to Vol 1 & 2.” “I am halfway through Vol 3, and it’s exceeding my expectations.  Again, excellent work.” “Awesome Volume 3!  As always, the book looks absolutely fabulous and contains some super detailed information.” “I’ve received Volume 3 and would like to let you know how very pleased I am with it.  It is beautifully produced and like the previous two, very well written.  Thank you for all the hard work you must have put in to create this.” “Arrived very quickly, fantastic book.” Did you know?  Volume3 was officially released on 30th September 2018. By 31st October it had been bought by people in 21 different countries. Fantastic!  Thank you all for your support.  John. back home