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Volume 2 of The Racing Motorcycle, a technical guide for constructors, discusses the manufacture of exhaust systems and suggests Sheet Lightning as an extremely useful piece of software. Sheet Lightning is a surface development program. It enables you to produce sheet metal patterns to make cones, oblique cones, lobster back bends (for curved and tapered front pipes) etc in a matter of minutes. It will also develop tube end profiles for T junctions, Y junctions (as in 2 into 1 pipes) and all sorts of complex frame joints at any angle you care to choose.

There are two versions of Sheet Lightning, the full version which allows virtually unlimited layouts to be explored and a less expensive version called Sheet Lightning Lite. The Lite version has built in developments for all the features listed above. All you have to do is to enter the sizes you want and the system will print out the patterns on your printer. If the printer page is smaller than the required pattern, Sheet Lightning (either version) will take account of this and develop the pattern over multiple sheets of paper. It will number these and indicate how to combine them into the final pattern. The Lite version will meet the needs of most constructors and requires no computer skills whatsoever, other than the ability to run the program and enter data.

The full version of Sheet Lightning provides all the features of the Lite version but with an added set of software tools that allow you to develop just about any complex section/junction imaginable. This gives maximum capability but it does of course take time to learn the required skills.

Both versions are capable of producing DXF files so that metal can be cut directly using CNC laser cutters etc.

Please note that these programs do not design exhaust systems to suit specific engines. Their purpose is to develop the sheet metal patterns to manufacture an exhaust you have already designed.

Sheet Lightning Lite currently costs $195 and Sheet Lighning costs $250.

If you order the software using our links below, there is currently a 10% discount for Broadland Leisure customers making the prices as follows. Lite version $175.50 (about £96), full version $225 (about £123).

These prices are higher than the ones John gave in the book but that is because they have been subject to considerable change in recent months. They still represent a tiny outlay for what is serious industrial software of the highest quality.

Important: Prices are subject to change without notice. We do not control the price, the developers do. The current price to you is shown when you enter the Share-it order screen using the link below.

Both versions of Sheet Lightning run on a standard PC using Windows 95 or later.

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Orders for Sheet Lightning are all dealt with by Share-it. To get your 10% discount you must use the links below to place your order. Please email us using    to confirm you have placed an order.

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